Zero Waste Challenge

Why not try to live waste-free two weeks?


In the spirit of RecycleMania, the Office of Campus Sustainability is organizing a zero waste challenge from January 19th to April 4th. You will choose a period during which you will do everything you can to live waste-free. This means minimizing what you send to  landfill; you can still get rid of waste by composting or recycling, so long as you recycle and compost properly!

You can take up this challenge individually or with a friend, and choose a period ranging from 2 to 10 weeks. To participate in the challenge, simply send your name to and then share your successes and challenges on social media with the hashtag #uOrecycle or by sending us videos, pictures or blogs that we will share.

Since the challenge ends on April 4th, the deadline to register is March 16th. Prizes will be awarded during the second week of April to the individual or group who has put in the most effort.


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