Community Service Learning

Community Service Learning

The University of Ottawa prides itself on being a living laboratory. A space for students to be fully engaged in learning outside of the traditional classroom setting. We offer a host of courses with a Community Service Learning component.

To find out what courses are offered this session, log into your uOzone and enter the Community Service Navigator. Once inside the portal select Placements followed by Option and Specific Course. You can choose a Session and a specific class or select the Environment theme.

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  • ADM 4372 - Carbon Mitigation Strategy (484)
  • CMN 3102 - Free Store Satisfaction Survey  (612)
Alternative student break

The Alternative Student break is an opportunity for you to gain some hands on experience with the Office of Campus Sustainability on various projects during the winter reading week.

Volunteers will develop skills around team-building, auditing, problem-solving, and communications. You can also receive credit for your participation in the program on your Co-Curricular Record through the Centre for Global and Community and Engagement.

If you are interested in taking part in the Alternative Student Break, please contact the Centre for Global and Community Engagement.

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