Upcycled Banner Bags

Upcycled reusable bags made from banners


Upcycled Banner Bags

The Office of Campus Sustainability is happy to introduce upcycled reusable bags to the campus. These bags were created from old banners that faculties and services discarded, and have now been given a second use.

Every year, dozens of banners from the University of Ottawa are disposed of because a program has come to an end or an event is over. Working with EcoEquitable, a local women’s cooperative specializing in creating sustainable merchandise, the Office of Campus Sustainability was able to recover these old banners and have them transformed into sturdy reusable bags.


Three upcycled reusable bags made from banners


Each bag is unique, displaying images from campus events such as Poutine Fest, Francophonie Week, and the Defy the Conventional campaign. Every bag is ethically made in Ottawa, is environmentally thoughtful, and is woman powered.


upcycled bag tags


If you are interested in getting a bag for yourself or a colleague, the retail for $15 and can be purchased at the Office of Campus Sustainability (141 Louis Pasteur, room 180).

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