Two uOttawa employees show off their bicycles

We would like to create a transportation hub focused at the University of Ottawa. Our goal is to create sustainable transportation alternatives for every campus community member.


Achieve a campus modal share of 85%. This means that only 15% of the campus community use a single occupancy vehicle to commute to campus.


In 2013, the campus modal split was 83%. A campus wide counter-flow bike lane was recently completed.

Sustainable transportation programs


Universal Bus Pass
The U-Pass is a discounted transit pass offered to students in the OC Transpo service area.

Secure Bike Enclosure
The University of Ottawa has two secure bike enclosures available to the community. To learn more about this bike enclosure, please contact Daniel Spence

A variety of incentives are provided to carpoolers, including preferential parking and an emergency ride program.

Bike Share Program
Bicycles are available to the community members who do not have their own bike.

Bike Coop
All campus community members have access to the Bike Coop. The bike coop hosts workshops and events to help you fix your bike for free.

Bike Repair Stations 
Our main campus is equipped with 3 bike repair stations, you can also find one at our Roger Guindon Campus.

If any inquiries regarding our alternative transportation programs please contact Daniel Spence

Sustainable transportation tips


Alternative and active transportation options have positive impacts for your health and for the planet.

Ditch Your Car
Using public transit and sustainable transportation can save you thousands of dollars a year.

Learn How to Fix a Bike
Bike repair workshops are available through the Bike Coop.

Try Another Way
During Sustainable Transportation Week, try another form of transportation to commute to campus. You might like it!

For more tips, please go to our Sustainable Practices page.

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