Sustainability related courses - Graduate


Sustainability Courses and Sustainability Related Courses 
Courses at the University of Ottawa that focus on sustainability.


Department of Biology

BIO 5320 Advances in Conservation Biology

BIO8105 Advances in Applied Ecology


Department of Civil Engineering

CVG5133 Solid Waste Disposal

CVG5139 Environmental Assessment of Civil Engineering Projects


Department of Common Law

DCL5340 Sustainability and Law

DCL5341 Comparative Environmental Law

DCL5342 Global Environmental Governance

DCL5343 Environmental Law Internship

DCL6127 Law and Developing Countries

DCL6128 Law, Politics and Economics in International Affairs

DCL7307 Digital Music Law


Department of Communications

CMN5110 Social History of Communication Technology

CMN5120 Public Communication Campaigns: Theories and Applications


Department of Economics

ECO6130 Public Economics: Expenditure

ECO6134 Topics in Environmental and Resource Economics

ECO6143 Economics of Natural Resources

ECO6151 Economics of the Environment

ECO6170 Theory of Economic Development

ECO6171 Economic Development: Domestic Aspects

ECO6172 Economic Development: International Aspects

ECO6173 Environmental Aspects of Economic Development 

ECO6191 Labour Economics

ECO6192 Labour Economics II

ECO6193 Advanced Topics in Labour Economics


Department of Earth Sciences

GEO5142 Environmental Geoscience


Department of Electrical Engineering

ELG6397 Solar Cells - Principles, Materials, Systems and Operation 


Department of Environmental Engineering

EVG5101 Air Pollution Control

EVG5203 Hazardous and Radioactive Waste Management

EVG6001 Projet en génie de l'environnement / Environmental Engineering Project

EVG6300 Special Topics in Environmental Engineering I

EVG6301 Special Topics in Environmental Engineering II

EVG6302 Special Topics in Environmental Engineering III

EVG7201 Geo-environmental Engineering


Department of Human Kinetics

APA3142 Sociology of Health in Canada

APA5818 Financial Management of Sports and Physical Activity


Department of Geography

GEG5105 Selected Topics in Human Geography

GEG5109 Place and Social Transformations

GEG5311 Environmental Change in Cold Regions


Department of Geology

GEO5142 Environmental Geoscience


Department of Mechanical Engineering

MCG5161 Environmental Engineering

MCG5309 Environmental Fluid Mechanics Relating to Energy Utilization

MCG5321 Methods of Energy Conversion


Department of Sociolgy

SOC7103 Sociology of the Environment


Institute of the Environment

EVD5100 Seminar in Environmental Sustainability

EVD5101 Economics of Environmental Law and Policy

EVD5109 Applied Environmental Sustainability

EVD5111 Capstone Seminar in Environmental Sustainability

EVD5111 Capstone in Environmental Sustainability

EVD5113 Foundations of Environmental Policy

EVD5114 Professional Skills for Environmental Sustainability 

EVD5121 Foundations of Environmental Science

EVD5122 Foundations of Environmental Economics

EVD5123 Evidence Synthesis and Evaluation

EVD5124 Foundations of Environmental Law

EVD6001 Stage COOP I / CO-OP Work Term I

EVD6002 Stage COOP II / CO-OP Work Term II

EVD6112 Selected Topics in Environmental Sustainability

EVD6912 Thèmes choisis en durabilité de l'environnement / Selected Topics in Environmental Sustainability

EVD6932 Lectures dirigées en durabilité de l'environnement / Directed Readings in Environmental Sustainability

EVD6999 Mémoire/Research Paper



School of International Development and Global Studies

DVM 5100 Understanding International Development and Globalization

DVM6102 Livelihoods, Resources and Sustainability

DVM6103 Conflict, Transitions and Peace

DVM6104 Social Movements, Equity and Human Rights

DVM6105 International Development Programming: Results-Based Approaches

DVM6111 Special Topics in Economic Growth, Private Sector and Social Inclusion

DVM6112 Special Topics in Environment, Natural Resources and Sustainability

DVM8109 Theories of International Development


School of Public and International Affairs

API5100 Economics for Public Management and Policy

API5105Concepts and Issues in International Affairs

API5125 Macroeconomic Policy

API5135 Ethical and Moral Reasoning for Public and International Affairs

API6316 Environmental Policy

API6351 International Economics and Developing Countries

API6356 Environment, Natural Resource Management, and Development

API6360 Multilateralism and International Institutions

API6361 US Foreign Policy


School of Information Studies

ISI5301 Information and Society

ISI6313 Government Information Policy and Practice

ISI6353 Access and Services to Diverse Populations


Telfer School of Management


MBA5141 Financial Accounting Information and Decisions II

MBA5280 Operations Management

MBA6120 Marketing in the 21st Century

MBA6142 Managerial Accounting II

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