Investing to Build a Cleaner Economy

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The following are a list of programs highlighted in the "Action on Climate Change Report 2020". 

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The 2016 report entitled Addressing Global Warming: The uOttawa Response outlined a wide range of initiatives involving the University’s teaching programs, research, facilities management and investment management. In light of uOttawa’s leadership role in addressing climate change, and to comply with its mandate, the Finance and Treasury Committee continues to build on its investment management efforts.

In accordance with the holistic approach and actions outlined in the report, the Finance and Treasury Committee has established steps to gradually tilt the portfolio away from fossil fuels and establish a framework to effectively measure future shifts in this direction.


  1. Establish measurements and a proper starting point to track shifts in the long-term portfolio.

    • PRI (Principles for Responsible Investing) ranking versus median respondent
    • Montreal Carbon Pledge
    • Environmental, social and governance (ESG) implementation by the portfolio’s investment managers
  2. Identify and consider new indices and/or benchmarks that incorporate responsible investment principles, in addition to (or in place of ) previous indices or benchmarks.

  3. Annually measure progress and report the results to the University community.

  4. Incorporate these results when considering and updating investment policies.

  5. Consider these results, to the extent appropriate, in evaluating fund manager performance.

  6. Create a Clean Innovations Fund with an initial $10 million. Increase it over time using funds from the existing portfolios and donations received for this purpose.


Earlier this year, alongside 14 other universities, uOttawa pledged support for a new responsible investing charter called Investing to Address Climate Change: A Charter for Canadian Universities, which is aligned with uOttawa’s current efforts in this regard.

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