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Green Reps

The Green Reps program is designed for residence students who would like to be involved in activities that make the University of Ottawa residences more environmentally sustainable. Green Rep activities aim to increase students’ awareness of the impacts that their day-to-day actions have on the environment.

As a Green Rep, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about fundamental issues related to sustainability, with a focus on recycling, composting & waste.
  • Have fun promoting sustainability, meeting new people, and contributing to a healthier, more environmentally sustainable campus!
  • Strengthen your leadership skills.
  • Receive a personalized reference letter describing your participation as a valuable Member of the Green Reps program (subject to performance and attendance levels). Green Reps may also sign up through the Centre for Global and Community Engagement to receive a Co-curricular Record (CCR). The Co-curricular Record is an official university document that records approved and verified volunteer activities undertaken by students.


Green Rep Team Members (tasks and responsibilities)

(Time commitment: 2-3 hours/month):

Green Reps are expected to:

  • Participate in monthly workshops
  • Aim to host three sustainability events throughout the year in your residence
  • Conduct infrastructure audits
  • Assist with composting in your residence
  • Assist with the Dump and Run events
  • Act as a sustainability advocate in your residence


Monthly Themes

  • September - Introduction
  • September - Sustainable Transportation
  • October - Recycling
  • November - Fair trade
  • December - Consumer habits
  • January - Water
  • February - Zero waste
  • March - Energy
  • April - Moving out


Become a Green Rep

To become a Green Rep, please send us an email.

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