Students volunteering at the Office of Campus Sustainability

If we all work together we can accomplish amazing things. Help us make a difference on campus.

There are many different ways to get involved on campus. You can help us through your course work or you can volunteer outside of the classroom. Take a look at some of the ways to engage.


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Volunteering on campus

Community Service Learning

two students discuss their project

The University of Ottawa prides itself on being a living laboratory. A space for students to be fully engaged in learning outside of the traditional classroom setting. We offer a host of courses with a Community Service Learning component.

Extracurricular Volunteering

A student explains her project to her peers at uOttawa

There are a variety of ways the campus community can get involved in community engagement activities. This also includes activities ourside the classroom.

Alternative student break

Students conduct a waste audit at the University of Ottawa

The Alternative Student break is an opportunity for you to gain some hands on experience with the Office of Campus Sustainability on various projects during the winter reading week.

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