Furniture Reuse Program

The Furniture Reuse Program (FRP) provides the University of Ottawa community with access to used furniture for free by reusing and recycling furniture on campus. We believe in redistributing furniture that uOttawa faculties and services no longer need to anyone in need on campus; when items are too old, we donate them to the community, thus eliminating landfill and recycling costs.

Most program donations can be described as either office furniture (chairs, desks, tables, or filing cabinets) or lab furniture (lab tables, shelves, or chairs).

Procedure for donating furniture

  • If you, as a campus community member, no longer need a piece of furniture or equipment, make a furniture removal request (2222 or Maximo requests) via the Project Manager if the furniture is being removed as part of a construction/renovation project
  • We visually assess the furniture to make sure that it meets the program’s size and safety standards. If the furniture is suitable, it is tagged for storage in our warehouse at 1000 Belfast. If unsuitable, it is tagged for recycling.
  • Once it arrives at the warehouse, the furniture is sorted and stored. Broken or unwanted items are disassembled and their components are recycled.

*Important – We are not responsible for the condition of furniture once it has been sent to 1000 Belfast. The FRP is not a storage service: there is no guarantee that you can recover furniture once it has been brought to the warehouse.

Procedure for obtaining furniture?

  • When uOttawa community members are in need of furniture items, they can make a 2222 or Maximo request to schedule a visit to the warehouse. 

*Important – We are not responsible for items that you have selected but that eventually go missing.

What we do with the rest

Items that are not selected after a certain time period are offered to external community members, including employees, uOttawa groups, students and Ottawa-based charities and schools, or are broken down into components and recycled.

If you have any suggestions or questions about the program, please contact 2222 for more details.

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