Fair Trade Campus

The University of Ottawa was the 7th campus in Canada to receive a Fair Trade Campus designation.

A Fair Trade Campus is one that has made a commitment to supporting and educating about fair trade. Supporters ensure that as many Fairtrade products as possible, including food and drink, are available in as many places as possible in and around their campus. Increasing the use and sales of Fairtrade products can have a huge impact for producers and their communities.


Here is what the University of Ottawa is doing to be a Fair Trade campus. At all non franchised locations on campus you will find;

  • All coffee is Fair Trade certified. (Exceptions: Tim Hortons does not offer Fair Trade prodcuts. Starbuck espresso based drinks are Fair Trade, Second Cup coffees are 'fairly traded')
  • At least three varieties of teas are Fair Trade certified;
  • At least one chocolate bar is Fair Trade certified'
  • There is a poster explaining fair trade; and
  • There is a sign indicating that fair trade products are available.


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