The community garden at the University of Ottawa
Action on Climate Change

Climate Change Report 2020

A Message from the President

The dangers of climate change and its repercussions for our planet are very real and have put climate awareness at the forefront of how many organizations conduct their business. As an institution of higher learning and a research intensive university, the University of Ottawa has a crucial role in raising awareness and understanding of climate change, as well as a responsibility to take positive and meaningful action. Through our collective activities, we are taking important steps forward each year to help address climate change and to increase our momentum in creating a sustainable future.

Over the past years, the University of Ottawa has made several important commitments to help create a culture of sustainability. We signed the Montreal Carbon Pledge, vowed to reduce the carbon footprint of our investments in accordance with Canada’s national climate commitment, and implemented an Environmental Management and Sustainability Policy to support our efforts.
We recruited one of the world’s leading environmental economists, Carolyn Fischer, who holds the Canada 150 Research Chair in Climate Economics, Innovation and Policy, to position our university as a centre of excellence in environmental issues. And most recently, we made sustainability a key component of Transformation 2030.

While more remains to be done to ensure sustainability is deeply embedded across our campus, I am confident that the initiatives outlined in this report are helping to mobilize our institution and to integrate climate action throughout our academic programs, research activities and operations.

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