We work actively to be stewards of the land by conserving and augmenting the natural environment of the campus.


Increase the amount of functional indoor and outdoor green space and establish a LEED Silver minimum standard for major construction projects.


In 2013, the number of community garden plots increased. Three buildings on campus are targeting LEED certification.

Buildings and green space programs


Community Gardens
Our community garden program has been active for 8 years and now holds over 50 plots. Community garden plots are offered on a first come, first serve basis. To reserve a plot contact our community garden coordinator. Visit the community garden section for more information.

LEED Design Imperative
The University of Ottawa seeks a minimum LEED Silver Certification for new buildings exceeding 100,000 square feet.

Living Wall
The FSS Building houses one of North America’s largest bio-filter walls. Our six story living wall is made up of 2000 plants of 12 different species.

Buildings and green space tips


Humans have a profound connection to nature. Do your part to protect our planet.

Don’t Litter
Tossing your waste on the ground creates pollution for humans and animals.

Take Advantage of the Space
If green space on campus is important to you, engage with it! The more the space is used, the more it will be incorporated into campus design and culture. So bring those textbooks outside and take in some fresh air.

For more tips, please go to our Sustainable Practices page.

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