Fish swiming at the uOttawa aquatic care lab

We are working to use water effectively and to protect our natural water ways. We are also committed to making drinking water accessible.


Reduce water consumption by 2% annually despite the growth of the campus. This means reducing water consumption to 455,000 m3 by 2017.


In 2013, consumption dropped by 4%.

Water Programs


Black Water Reuse
The University collects used water from its Aquatic Care Centre in order to reuse it to help heat and cool buildings on campus.

Low Flow Fixtures
Any new water fixtures installed on campus are low flow fixture. These fixtures use significantly less water and are installed all over the campus (faucets, toilets, and urinals).

Water Fountain Renewal
Every year, the University invests in improving and adding new fountains on campus. The objective of this renewal is to increase drinking water quality and accessibility.

Bottle Water Free Campus 
In 2010 uOttawa became Ontario’s first Bottle Water Free Campus. Learn more about our Bottle Water Free

Storm Water Management 
In order to reduce the University’s impact on surrounding communities, uOttawa actively engages in bio swales to filter rainwater as well as rain water collection

Water tips


When it comes to water, every drop counts.

Report leaks and drips
Whenever you see a leak or a drip, report it right away. Did you know you can report leaks or drips with social media? You can send us a tweet with a picture or location of the drip! @uOttawaSustain

Don’t Let the Water Run
Turn off the tap in between washing your hands or brushing your teeth.

For more tips, visit our Sustainable Practices

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