Sustainability related courses - Graduate


Sustainability Courses and Sustainability Related Courses 
Courses at the University of Ottawa that focus on sustainability.

Department of Biology

BIO8105 Advances in Applied Ecology

Department of Common Law

DCL5340 Sustainability and Law

Department of Economics

ECO6173 Environmental Aspects of Economic Development

Department of Earth Sciences

GEO5142 Environmental Geoscience

Department of Geography

GEG5105 Selected Topics in Human Geography

GEG5109 Place and Social Transformations

Institute of the Environment

EVD5100 Seminar in Environmental Sustainability

EVD5101 Economics of Environmental Law and Policy

EVD5102 Foundations of Environmental Science I

EVD5103 Foundations of Environmental Science II

EVD5104 Foundations of Environmental Economics I

EVD5105 Foundations of Environmental Economics II

EVD5106 Foundations of Environmental Law

EVD5107 Foundations of Environmental Policy

EVD5108 Evidence-Based Methods for Environmental Decision-Making

EVD5109 Applied Environmental Sustainability

EVD5110 Professional Skills for Environmental Sustainability

EVD5111 Capstone Seminar in Environmental Sustainability

EVD5112 Quantitative Literacy for Sustainable Development

EVD6999 Mémoire/Research Paper

EVD7997 Projet de thèse/Thesis Proposal

EVD7999 Thèse de maîtrise/Master's Thesis


School of International Development and Global Studies

DVM6102 Livelihoods, Resources and Sustainability

DVM6502 Modes de vie, ressources et durabilité

DVM6103 Conflict, Transitions and Peace

DMV6503 Conflit, Transitions et paix

DVM6104 Social Movements, Equity and Human Rights

DVM6504 Mouvements sociaux, equité et droits humains


School of Public and International Affairs

API5105 Concepts and Issues in International Affairs

API5135 Ethics and Moral Reasoning for Public and International Affairs

API6313 Multi-Level Governance and Public Policy

API6333 International Law and Ethics

API6353 Human Rights and Democratization

API6357 Conflict and Human Security

API6361 US Foreign Policy

API6319 Special Topics in Public Policy                                     

API6316 Environmental Policy

API6356 Environment, Natural Resource Management and Development


School of Political Studies

PAP6120 Ethics in the Public Sector


Telfer School of Management

MBA6296 Seminar in Management II

MGT6112 Social Entrepreneurship

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