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As we endeavour to find a balanced approach to sustainability, we will work with our partners to create policies, rules, and regulations that respect our social, economic, and environmental realities.

Sustainability related policies

List of Policies

Policy 36 – Supply of Good and Services
Section 15 – Green or Environmental Procurement

  • This section stipulates that environmental considerations must be taken with the procurement of goods. These include energy-efficient and greenhouse-friendly products, products that are water efficient and reduce water use, less-toxic products

Section 16 – Ethical Procurement

  • This section stipulates that procurement of goods must be done in a social responsible manner as outlined in policy 98.

Policy 72 – Environmental Policy

  • This policy outlines steps to ensure that the University of Ottawa manages its operations responsibly, in a way that will protect and sustain the natural environment.

Policy 91 – Environmental Management Policy

  • This policy ensures that the University fulfils its legal obligations for the protection of the environment, through the appropriate assignment of responsibilities throughout the University, and establishment of directives, procedures and standards.

Policy 98 – Ethical Purchasing

  • This policy defines the principles and responsibilities pertaining to the conduct of business affairs at the University.
Sustainable Procurement


The University subscribes to various sustainable procurement practices to help create a greener campus and a greener supply chain. Here are a couple of the themes that are found in our formal and informal policies.

Plastic Bag Free Campus 
The University of Ottawa is a plastic bag free campus. This means that you will only see plastic bags if they are biodegradable or if there is a charge to use them. We encourage everyone to carry reusable bags whenever possible.

Sweat Free Policy 
Sustainable procurement is not only about the environment, it is also about social justice. As stated in Policy 98, the University of Ottawa does not permit the purchase of branded products unless they meet stringent sweat free criteria.

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