Eco Network

A constellation in the sky in the shape of a leaf

The Eco Network program is an effort to integrate sustainability efforts across departments and services by offering interested uOttawa employees tools, tips and training for going green at the office. The goal of the program is to engage campus employees in sustainability issues while working towards achieving the sustainable development objectives set by uOttawa’s Sustainable Development Committee (SUDCOM).

Any staff members interested in making small changes in their workplace to reduce their environmental footprint can join the Eco Network and become “EcoChampions”, whose role is to champion sustainability on campus both individually and together through implementing initiatives that promote reducing consumption of paper, energy, and water; ethical procurement; managing waste responsibly; and sustainable transportation. EcoChampions also oversee the sustainability efforts of their service or department, advise colleagues, participate in the exchange of information between management and employees, share observations and experiences, and collaborate to help advance the cause of sustainable development.

Any employee, who has the permission of their director, can join the EcoNetwork and become and EcoChampion. Send us an email (include your department, faculty or service name); we’ll contact you in return and provide you with an information kit to welcome you to the network.

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