Welcome to the EcoNetwork!

We’re so glad to have you join the team! This guide is meant to provide specific information about the EcoNetwork and what we are trying to accomplish, in order to help you get off to a great and productive start in promoting sustainability in your part of campus.

Our mission

Our mission is to integrate sustainability effort across the departments and services of the University of Ottawa, by offering interested employees tools, tips, and training for going green at the office. We want you to be part of the change you want to see in the University of Ottawa community. In this program, staff members become champions for sustainability on campus and in their offices, through initiatives that promote reducing consumption of paper, energy, and water; ethical procurement; managing waste responsibly; and sustainable transportation.

How it works

The EcoNetwork program operate on a monthly basis, focused around a monthly theme. There will be a workshop on the theme which will arm employees with knowledge and skills related to the subject. We encourage communication and relationship building between EcoNetwork members, so that we can help create a more sustainable campus together.

What we ask from you

After the workshop we will be presenting the EcoNetwork with a set of tasks based on the topic of the workshop, and ask them to implement initiatives in their own offices. We will provide everything required to make these changes, including instructions, templates, guides, communications materials, and skill training.

Before your first workshop, please...

  • Sign up for our EcoNetwork newsletter
  • Tell your colleagues and fellow university employees about the EcoNetwork program
  • Think of any questions you may have about sustainability on campus and in your office, and write them down so we can try to answer them during the workshop


Mailing lists

You can sign up for our monthly staff newsletter to stay updated on campus sustainability news and events. 

List of sustainability topics covered

This list is subject to change.
  • Reduction of paper consumption
  • New recycling changes
  • Energy use
  • How to host a green event
  • Water consumption
  • Ethical procurement
  • Managing waste responsibly
  • Sustainable transportation
Econetwork Tips

Green Tips for the Office

  • Reduce Paper Usage 
    Send documents and memos electronically. If you must print, print double-sided.
  • Use Reusable Cups Instead of Disposable Cups
    North America uses 60% of the world’s paper cups (130 billion of them each year). Those cups require about 50 million trees and 33 billion gallons of water, which could sequester 9.3 million tonnes of CO2. Not to mention the landfill space they take up because most are non-recyclable. Stop the insanity – use a reusable cup.
  • Take Public Transit
    A train or bus requires much less energy per person than a single-occupancy automobile.

For more green tips, please visit our Sustainable Practices

Become an EcoChampion

Become an EcoChampion

Send us an email (include your department, faculty or service name); we’ll contact you and provide you with an information kit to welcome you to the network.

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