Dump and Run Info

Every semester our volunteers collect the clothing, kitchenware, laundry detergent, unopened food, books and numerous other things left behind by students when they leave residences. These items are cleaned and distributed to charities and the Free Store.

Our goal is to create a culture of reuse on campus while helping communities in need.



April 13th to April 29th


  • Mann Residence - beside the yoga room
  • 90U complexe – Next to room 140 in front of the message board
  • Friel Residence – End of the hall in main lobby
  • Henderson Residence – In the corridor next to the elevator
  • Rideau Residence – Beside the reception towards the elevator
  • Hyman Soloway - First floor in front of the elevator
  • Leblanc Residence - Near the Copernicus exit
  • Thompson Residence - End of the hall on the 1st floor near the washrooms
  • Stanton Residence - Beside room 130 next to the elevators
  • Marchand Residence - First floor across from the elevator
  • Free store – donation box
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