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We want to create an environment where students have the opportunity to learn about and apply sustainability concepts in their academic pursuits.


In 2013, the Institute of the Environment launched the Collaborative Master’s in Environmental Sustainability. In 2014, the full Master’s program was inaugurated.

Sustainability related courses - Undergraduate


Courses at the University of Ottawa that focus on sustainability.

Faculty of Arts

Department of Aboriginal Studies

EAS4102 Contemporary Indigenous Political Thought


Department of Canadian Studies

CND4100 Contemporary Issues in Canada


Department of English

ENG2141 Literature and the Environment


Department of Environmental Studies

ENV1101 Global Environmental Challenges

ENV2301 History of Environmental Thought

ENV2918 Field Camp I

ENV3101 Legal Context of Environmental Issues

ENV3321 Geographical Approaches to Environmental Issues

ENV 4000 Honours Essay

ENV4113 Selected topics in Environmental Issues

ENV4118 Environmental Impact Assessment

ENV4303 Urbanization and Environment in Developing Regions

ENV4910 Field Study Course/ Recherche sur le terrain

ENV4920 Research Seminar in Environmental Studies/ Séminaire de recherche en études de l'environnement

ENV4999 Environmental Volunteer Work / Voluntariat en environment


Department of Geography

GEG1302 Places and Spaces of Human Activity

GEG2104 Research Methods in Geography and Environmental Studies

GEG2108 Contested Places

GEG2109 Canada and its Regions

GEG2918 Camp d'automne I / Field Camp I

GEG3106 Cities and Social Change

GEG3107 Geography of Polar Regions

GEG3300 Selected Topics in Physical Geography

GEG3301 Selected Topics in Human Geography

GEG3302 Natural Resource Management

GEG3303 Health Geography

GEG3305 Geographies of Globalization


GEG3315 Geography of Latin America  

GEG3320 Geography of Tourism  

GEG3321 Geographical Approaches to Environmental Issues 

GEG4001  Northern Field Research

GEG4101 Permafrost Environments

GEG4118 Environmental Impact Assessment 

GEG4121 Applications of GIS in Natural and Social Sciences 

GEG4128 Places and Landscapes of the North American City 

GEG4129 Global Climate Change 

GEG4303 Urbanization and Environment in Developing Regions 


Department of History

HIS2129 Technology, Society and Environment since 1800 


Department of Philosophy

PHI2398 Environmental Ethics 


Department of Religious Studies

SRS2172 Religion, Nature and Ecology 


Faculty of Law

Department of Common Law

CML1109 First-Year Thematic Course: Public International Law

CML2301 Aboriginal Peoples and the Law

CML2317 Advanced Problems in Canadian Federalism

CML3132 Willms & Shier Environmental Law Moot

CML3135 International Law and Developing Countries

CML3148 Toxic Tort Law

CML3161 International Environmental Law

CML3163 The Law of the Sea

CML3180 Environmental Law Clinic

CML3369 Environmental Law

CML4117 Protection of Civilians in International Law

CML4130 Natural Resources Law

CML4134 Studies in Environmental Law

CML4150 Globalization and Law


Department of Civil Law

DCC2120 Law and Social Justice

DCC3107 Environmental Law

DCC3110 Inter American System of Human Rights

DCC4117 Protection of Civilians in International Law

DCC4122 Environment and Human Rights


Faculty of Education

Department of Education

PED3134 Social Justice and Global Education


Faculty of Engineering

Department of Chemical Engineering

CHG3122 Chemical Engineering Practice 

CHG4307 Clean Processes and Sustainable Development 


Department of Civil Engineering

CVG1107 Civil Engineering Graphics and Seminars

CVG2132 Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering 

CVG4113 Hydraulics of Water Supply and Sewer Systems

CVG4130 Advanced Environmental Engineering

CVG4133 Solid Waste Management 

CVG4175 Field Investigations and Environmental Impact Assessment of Civil Engineering Projects

CVG4188 Special Topics in Environmental Engineering 


Department of Electrical Engineering

ELG2911 Professional Practice in Information Technology and Engineering

ELG4126 Sustainable Electrical Power Systems 


Department of Mechanical Engineering

MCG4340 Mechanical Engineering Laboratory 


Department of Software Engineering

SEG2911 Pratique de la profession d'ingénieur logiciel / Professional Software Engineering Practice 


Telfer School of Management  

Department of Administration

ADM1300 Introduction to Business Management 

ADM1301 Social Context of Business 

ADM4338 International Training and Development for Sustainability 


Faculty of Medicine

Department of Medicine

MED1200 Introduction to the Professions 


Faculty of Sciences

Department of Biology

BIO2129 Ecology 

BIO3117 Ecosystem Ecology 

BIO3115 Conservation Biology 

BIO4101 Pesticides and the Environment 

BIO4146 Ecotoxicology 

BIO4180 Oceans and Human Health 


Department of Biopharmaceutical Sciences

BPS4105 Human Toxicology and Environmental Health 


Department of Chemistry

CHM1100 Chemistry and the Human Environment 

CHM2313 Environmental Chemistry 


Department of Environmental Sciences

EVS1101 Introduction to Environmental Science 

EVS3101 Environmental Issues          


Department of Geology

GEO1301 The Earth and How it Works 

GEO2166 Oceanography 

GEO2307 Environmental Geology 

GEO2334 Quaternary Geology and Climate Change 

GEO3342 Introduction to Hydrogeology 


Department of General Sciences

SCI1101 Science in Society 

SCI4100 Special Topics in Science, Society and Policy 


Faculty of Health Sciences

Department of Human Kinetics

APA1122 Health: A Global Perspective 

APA3142 Sociology of Health in Canada


Department of Health Sciences

HSS2321 Sociopolitical and Economic Perspectives in Health

HSS3105 Global Citizenship and Health

HSS3303 Environment and Health


Department of Leisure Studies

LSR2121 Recreation and Environmental Quality 

LSR3105 Recreation Resources Conservation 


Faculty of Social Sciences

School of Sociological and Anthropological Studies

ANT2128 Anthropology for the 21st Century

ANT3120 Applied Anthropology

ANT3131 Economic Anthropology

ANT3326 Indigenous Peoples, Human Rights, International Perspectives

ANT4135 Food and Food Systems

SOC3105 Environmental Sociology

SOC3140 Sociology of the United States

SOC4310 Globalization and the Environment

SOC4314 Gender Relations, Development and Globalization


Department of Economics

ECO1304 Contemporary Microeconomic Issues

ECO2111 Economics of Women's Issues

ECO2117 Introduction to the Economics of Developing Counties

ECO2118 Introduction to Environmental and Natural Resources Economics

ECO4117 Development Economics

ECO4136 Research Seminar in Economics of the Environment

ECO4192 Research Seminar in Economics of Natural Resources and Sustainability


Department of International Development and Globalization

DVM2110 Health, Education, Perspectives in International Development

DVM3125 Environmental Policies, Natural Resources Management and Sustainable Development

DVM3130 Ethics and International Development

DVM3135 Food Security and International Development

DVM4120 International Development Issues in Africa

DVM4125 International Development Issues in Asia

DVM4130 International Development Issues in Latin America 

DVM4153 International Development and Environmental Change


Department of Political Studies

POL3115 Comparative Politics of Development

POL3126 Women and Politics

POL3175 Ecopolitics

POL3124 The Politics of Security

POL3177 Politics, Social Movements and Globalisation

POL4190 Global Environmental Politics

POL4191 Advanced Topics in Critical Security and War Studies


Institute of Feminist and Gender Studies

FEM4310 Feminism and Transnationalism

Sustainability related courses - Graduate


Sustainability Courses and Sustainability Related Courses 
Courses at the University of Ottawa that focus on sustainability.

Department of Biology

BIO8105 Advances in Applied Ecology

Department of Common Law

DCL5340 Sustainability and Law

Department of Economics

ECO6173 Environmental Aspects of Economic Development

Department of Earth Sciences

GEO5142 Environmental Geoscience

Department of Geography

GEG5105 Selected Topics in Human Geography

GEG5109 Place and Social Transformations

Institute of the Environment

EVD5100 Seminar in Environmental Sustainability

EVD5101 Economics of Environmental Law and Policy

EVD5102 Foundations of Environmental Science I

EVD5103 Foundations of Environmental Science II

EVD5104 Foundations of Environmental Economics I

EVD5105 Foundations of Environmental Economics II

EVD5106 Foundations of Environmental Law

EVD5107 Foundations of Environmental Policy

EVD5108 Evidence-Based Methods for Environmental Decision-Making

EVD5109 Applied Environmental Sustainability

EVD5110 Professional Skills for Environmental Sustainability

EVD5111 Capstone Seminar in Environmental Sustainability

EVD5112 Quantitative Literacy for Sustainable Development

EVD6999 Mémoire/Research Paper

EVD7997 Projet de thèse/Thesis Proposal

EVD7999 Thèse de maîtrise/Master's Thesis


School of International Development and Global Studies

DVM6102 Livelihoods, Resources and Sustainability

DVM6502 Modes de vie, ressources et durabilité

DVM6103 Conflict, Transitions and Peace

DMV6503 Conflit, Transitions et paix

DVM6104 Social Movements, Equity and Human Rights

DVM6504 Mouvements sociaux, equité et droits humains


School of Public and International Affairs

API5105 Concepts and Issues in International Affairs

API5135 Ethics and Moral Reasoning for Public and International Affairs

API6313 Multi-Level Governance and Public Policy

API6333 International Law and Ethics

API6353 Human Rights and Democratization

API6357 Conflict and Human Security

API6361 US Foreign Policy

API6319 Special Topics in Public Policy                                     

API6316 Environmental Policy

API6356 Environment, Natural Resource Management and Development


School of Political Studies

PAP6120 Ethics in the Public Sector


Telfer School of Management

MBA6296 Seminar in Management II

MGT6112 Social Entrepreneurship

Sustainability related research


Collaborative Master’s Program
Master’s in Environmental Sustainability

*List of Professors Engaging in Sustainability Related Research 

Living Laboratory


At the University of Ottawa, the Living Laboratory is a unique program that uses academic course work and community volunteering to improve sustainability related to campus operational challenges.

It is your chance to work on campus issues in a positive manner that promotes place-based learning while earning academic credit.

Students, staff, and faculty are coordinated through the Office of Campus Sustainability and the Community Service Learning program to work on campus projects. The projects are often integrated into course work or can be worked on as an independent assignment.

If you are a student, take a look at the available Community Service Learning opportunities listed on the Community Service Learning website or visit our volunteering page for more information.

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